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King Cashews W180 Natural

CASHEWS are like diamonds. Small worthless ones are ten-a-penny, but really big high quality ones are very rare.

Cashews are graded by size and given a number, which refers to the number of nuts per pound.
Real “King Cashews” are graded “W180”
Giant, whole, 100% natural organic, pure-white.
We buy these cashews in small batches from selected traditional farms in India, from Kerala and Tamil Nadu regions.
The higher the grade, the healthier and more nutritious the nut, and the better the taste!

Roasted Cashews in their skin

Authentic Indian Recipe

It’s nearly impossible to get cashews in their skins outside India and Asia.
Even over there, these cashews are rare and highly prized.
An original recipe for roasted cashews require precision, skill and experience. Just a few extra seconds and the nuts are burnt and bitter.
Our cashews are origin from India and they are processed there as well.
They are far more nutritious and have a unique flavour with an unforgettable CRUNCH.

Made exclusively for George’s Taste.


Certifited PISTACCHIO Verde di Bronte D.O.P. The only pistachios that need police protection

The pistacchio trees “verde di Bronte” grow across some 3,000 hectares on the slopes of Etna.
There are only 230 authorised farmers within the defined Bronte area, which has designation of origin protection (DOP)
The production of Bronte Pistachio covers only 1% of the worldwide production.
Pistachio trees only produce a crop every other year.
These are some of the reasons behind their rarity.
But the main reason is their taste, colour and unique nutrient content.
„The Green gold of Sicily” – green for its color, gold for its value.

Mandorle Originale di Avola


Although almonds originated in Asia, nowadays some of the best ones are grown around Avola, a city and comune in the sunny province of Syracuse. They can be either sweet or bitter.
Our almonds, harvested directly in the lands of Avola, are processed to give the most refined and demanding tastes palates all the traditions of the land in small and practical snacks that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Certified Nocciole Piemonte I.G.P.


The ‘Nocciola del Piemonte’ (hazelnut from Piedmont), with its spherical shape, is characterized by a fine and delicate flavour, with a very crisp pulp. The Protected Geographical Indication certification guarantees both quality and authenticity of this product.
Piedmont variety has a very harmonious and complex flavor reminiscent of cocoa (this is how the famous Nutella was born!)
The hazelnut from Piedmont has the highest healthy ratio between monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats among the different varieties of dried fruit.

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Origin, rarity and craftmanship.

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